Polymers in Industries

Since the industry has witnessed a spectacular growth over the last six decades, the acceleration in consumption rates of plastics has taken place in many phases since warfare II. In areas of applications of plastics materials, a widely known long-standing example is electrical industries where the excellent combination of properties like insulation characteristics, toughness, durability, flame retardation capacity has led to increasing acceptance of plastics for plugs, sockets, wire and cable insulations and for housing electrical and equipment. The major compound targeting industries of this life includes building trade, packaging industries, in retorting methodology used for food method industries, wood-plastic composites, polymers in corrosion hindrance and control, piping systems, in automotive industries, in region industries and in electrical and electronic industries.

•    Polymer characterization
•    Conjugated polymers
•    Supramolecular polymers
•    Polymer Processing
•    Polymer quench ants for Industrial Heat treatment
•    Polyurethanes in cushioning, shoe sole
•    Polyacrylates in paints and varnishes
•    Polyesters in clothing and food packaging industries
•    Silicone elastomers in cosmetics
•    Thermoset resins for automotive, electronic, adhesives