Polymer Nanotechnology

The field of nanotechnology is one among the most standard areas for current analysis and development in essentially all technical disciplines. This obviously includes polymer Nanotechnology which include microelectronics. Other areas embody polymer-based biomaterials, Nano medication, Nano emulsion particles; device conductor compound sure catalysts, layer-by-layer self-assembled compound films, electro spun nanofabrication, imprint lithography, compound blends and Nano composites. Even within the world of nanocomposites, several varied topics exist aboard composite reinforcement, barrier properties, flame resistance, electro-optical properties, cosmetic applications, antiseptic properties. Nanotechnology isn't new compound science as prior studies before the age of applied science concerned Nano scale dimensions however weren't specifically stated as applied science till recently. Phase separated polymer blends often achieve Nano scale phase dimensions; block copolymer domain morphology is usually at the Nano scale level; asymmetric membranes often have Nano scale void structure, mini emulsion particles in the large field of nanotechnology, polymer matrix based Nano composites have become a prominent area of current research and development.

•    Tissue engineering
•    Polymer nanocomposites matrices
•    Polycondensation polymerization
•    Nano electronics & photonics
•    Polymer films
•    Bio-hybrid polymer nanofiber
•    Block copolymer nanocomposites
•    Higher-order polymer structures