Global Conference on Advances in Polymer Science and Nanotechnology

    May 27-28, 2021 VIRTUAL MEET | DIGITAL EVENT

    Adv POLYMERS 2021 conference

    Adv. Polymers 2021 invites all the experts and scientists in connected disciplines to come together from all around the globe to attend the conference which will provide a unique opportunity for polymer scientists, polymer chemists, professors, assistant professors, researchers, research students, scientists, deans, heads of departments, students to share their research with colleagues, to discuss and debate the most recent technologies & advances in the field of polymers.

    With a broad diversion of conference sessions that includes keynote presentations, comprehensive talks, panel discussions, workshops, poster sessions & exhibitions. 

    We warmly invite researchers from each domain in addition to an industry, to join this polymer conference and to present the latest research at the interface of design/function or function/application of polymers as a lecture or a poster. In order to stimulate research activities in these fields, a large room for discussions and networking will be reserved on the agenda.

    about Adv POLYMERS 2021 conference
    Adv POLYMERS 2021 Conference

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    Peers Alley Media Ram I Mahato

    Ram I Mahato

    University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA

    Peers Alley Media Hai-Feng Ji

    Hai-Feng Ji

    Drexel University, USA

    Peers Alley Media Devika B Chithrani

    Devika B Chithrani

    University of Victoria, Canada

    Peers Alley Media Xiaosong


    University of Waterloo, Canada

    Conference Highlights

    Scope & Importance

    Polymer Science Market Analysis

    As there is need for eradication of polymers, there is increase in growth of industries for Biopolymers. Biopolymers have found wide acceptance in various industries, on account of its distinguished environment friendly properties. Biopolymers are now an important part of every sector Food tech, nanotech, chemistry, medical, agriculture etc. There is an increase of 20% (approx.) in the production of biopolymers products and bioplastics per year. Market of around 1.2 million tons in 2011 may see a five-fold increase in production volumes by 2016, to almost 6 million tones. By 2020 Bioplastics production could rise to 12 million tones.

    About 1.1 million tones primary plastics were made in European country in 2010, and with extra trade of polymers and semi-finished and final product, 1.3 million tones plastic product are used for Austrian consumption. This consumption is distributed over 10 consumption sectors, of that packaging (24%), non-plastic product (20%), building and construction (18%), et al. (13%) are the foremost necessary ones. when the employment part, around fifty-three of the stuff is incinerated with energy recovery, one third of the plastics waste flow is recycled automatically, and roughly St Martin's Day is employed for feedstock usage. solely minor fractions of the waste flow are landfilled or reused. These results highlight the foremost relevant streams, which may facilitate to focus time and resources on the most processes or sectors, particularly for waste management, to guide this and future waste flows to the foremost ecologically and economically optimum treatment
    The Global High Performance Polymers Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around half dozen.5% within the next three years to succeed in roughly $8.8 billion by 2020. The study focuses on market trends, leading players, offer chain trends, technological innovations, key developments, and future methods. The report provides comprehensive marketing research across four major geographies like North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and different components of the planet

    Trends, opportunities and forecast in functional polymer market to 2023 by end use industry (automotive, packaging, electrical and electronics, construction, consumer goods, medical, industrial, and others), polymer type (PP, PE, polyolefin, epoxy, PU, polyamide, polyester, EVA, acrylic, butadiene, and others), functional group (anhydride based functional polymer, silicone based functional polymer, hydroxyl based functional polymer, urethane based functional polymer)
    The global functional polymer market looks promising with opportunities in the packaging, electrical and electronics, automotive, construction, consumer goods, medical, industrial, and others industries. The global functional polymer market is expected to reach an estimated $ 7.1 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 6.5% from 2016 to 2020. The major drivers for this market are increasing demand for packaging and growth in the electrical & electronics and consumer goods industries.
    An emerging trend, which has a direct impact on the dynamics of the functional polymer industry, include increasing demand of functional polymers in stretchable and printable electronics applications.

    Scope and Importance:
    Polymer science field of fabric has helped in advancement in numerous fields of science and technology. The compound business has apace developed and is larger than the copper, steel, Al and a few different industries combined. each natural and artificial polymers square measure remarkably concerned in comfort and facilitation of human life and square measure liable for life itself, for medication, nutrition, communication, transportation, irrigation, container, clothing, recording history, buildings, highways, etc. In fact, it's difficult to imagine human society without artificial and natural polymers. In our ever-increasing technological world, science plays a vital role in providing solutions to vital issues of air, clean, and rich water, food, energy, and health. The attention of polymers and connected texts give each the statistics and insights of their higher understanding in our life.

    Target Audience:
    •    Eminent Scientists of biopolymers and bioplastics
    •    Chemical engineering Research Professors
    •    Junior | Senior research fellows of biomaterials and bio products
    •    CEO’s of biopolymers companies
    •    Members of different physics associations of Biopolymers and bioplastics
    •    Biopolymers doctorates
    •    Polymer Technology Manufacturers
    •    Chemical professionals
    •    Environmentalists working on plastic reduction research
    •    Quality control specialists
    •    Polymer Chemists, Polymer Scientists, & Chemists
    •    PhD Scholars
    •    All plastic & textile manufacturers and providers
    •    Polymer Chemistry Scientists and Researchers
    •    Graduates and postgraduates in industrial plastic manufacturing
    •    Business Development Managers
    •    Distributors and Suppliers of Polymer Synthesizing Technologies
    •    Professors, Researchers, and Faculty of Polymer Chemistry & Polymer Science from Universities and Colleges
    •    Directors, CEO’s of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Organizations
    •    Scholars from Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Science, Plastic research, and interrelated fields.
    •    Delegates from all fields who are interested in the listening the proceedings of the conference as well as looking to explore the venue
    •    Researchers from Plastic Manufacturing Companies, Polymer Companies, Synthetic Manufacturers, Resins & plastics, Textile manufacturing industries, Adhesives &            Paints Suppliers & Chemical Associations and Societies

    Polymer Science Companies in USA:

    Angstrom Engineering | Braskem | Dow Chemical | A&A coatings | Sinopec | Praxair | 30 SK Innovation | LG Chem | ACS Materials | SABIC | Innovative Bioceremix, Inc | Arkema | ADA technologies | Asahi Kasei | Mosaic | Ade 10 Angstroms | Lanxess | Huntsman Corp. | Advanced Diamond Solutions | Indorama | AEB | Sasol | Advanced Energy | Exxon Mobil | Borealis | Advance TEC | ADVANO | Advenira solutions | Siam Cement | DIC | Eastman Chemical | Air Liquide | Aegis Technologies | Lyondell Basell Industries | Hanwha Chemical | Formosa Plastics | DSM | PTT Global Chemical  |  American Dye Source, Inc.| Bayer | Tosoh | Syngenta | DuPont | Clemex Technologies Inc | Akzo Nobel | Shin-Etsu Chemical | Air Products & Chemicals | Cytodiagnostics Inc. | Reliance Industries | Evonik Industries | BP |  Solvay | Mitsui Chemicals | D-Wave Systems | Delong  America group Inc | Publications | Shell | Ineos | Epoc Blood Analyst System | Johnson Matthey | Lotto Chemical | Klean Carbon | MCH soloutions | MFS | Ecolab Technologies Ltd | IMEMS | 4WAVE | Sumitomo Chemical | Linde | Toray Industries | Advance Reproductions | Advanced optical technologies | Indigo Instruments | Applied Polymer tools Inc. | A Beam Technologies | Mitsubishi Chemical | Yara | PPG Industries | Chevron Phillips Chemical 

    Polymer Science Companies in Europe

    Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research | Postnova Analytics GmbH | Addlink softwarecientificoCK Polymers | Advanced Technologies Center ATC | Magpie Polymers | Living Cell Technologies | Micro-Bio-Polymer Company | Evolve Polymers Limited | Meric Ltd | Quick step Technologies | VSPC co.LTD | Warsash scientific | AQUA NOVAAG | Gyros | Membracon Process Separations | EPC Engineering Consulting | VIP Polymers Ltd | nDure Technologies | Ingenia Polymers Corp. | Quick step Technologies | Gioco Solutions Srl | CETCO Energy Services | Dr. Jens Naehring | POLYMERS & COLORS S.A | NOXON AB | HETA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH | Polymer Characterization S.A | Aquamarijn micro filtration | Fuglesangs AS | Ceramic Polymer GmbH | CCM | Recycling Technology Ltd | ASM International | Aquafide Engineering Limited | General Polymeren Recycling Albania | FinexOy | Avantium | BioDelmic | Universal HDD | SABIC | European Plastics Recyclers | DSM somos | Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH | HQ graphene | Aquafil Spa | MEA Water Management GmbH | IME Technologies | JUTA a.s. | KRIYA Materials | Holstcentre | Terratech Inc | Industrial Rubber Limited | Hobas Pipe USA | CPS Instruments  |  SchuF Fetterolf | Photonic Cleaning Technologies, LLC | Micronitechnologies | 2DTECH | 3M ESPE | AHS | agar scientific | SUMI Recycling | Bio Polymer consulting | Digisens 3D Tomography Software Solutions | Applied Felts Inc. | Stamixco AG | Cambridge Display Technology | Carbolite gero | Renishaw apply innovation | Dolomite | Ellit Scientific solution science for research and industry | Elementsix | HEG Engineering GmbH | C L Rye Trading Ltd. | EdinburghInstruments  | Magneto optics Ltd | Antaria Limited | Hutchinson Worldwide | Eurochem specialist chemicals | Biolin Scientific | Fischer Instrumentation | Ad-particles | CilaZ | Avanzare | Izasa scientific | Gemini Israel Ventures | Nadetech Innovations | Graphene Tech | Auto Car Brands | ABC-Miljø | BR Automation | AGM Automation System Inc | AGI Automation Components | Aveni | Kobus | CS Instruments | Cordouan Technologies | Malvern Instruments Ltd | Huntsman Advanced Materials | Biokowski psb Industries | Fluigent Smart Microfludics | Digital Surf  Birds Contract Services | Silvaco | Schambeck SFD GmbH | Ceramisphere Ltd | Marion Technologies | LIST Technology AG | General Industries | ABCR supplies Ltd | AIXTRON | Buhler | Bayer | Crop Science AG | Bio Gate | BIONI | BYK Additives & Instruments | Coral Products | Bayer Crop Science AG | Bartels | BASF | Cadfem | Bayer | Umicore S.A. | Umicore Recycling Solutions | Centech | B-Team Corrosion Protection | DYESOL | Zeiss | Quadrant EPP UK Ltd | Advanced Magnetic Technologies Consulting Group | Concern Polymer industry | Interface Ltd | NT-MDT | Russian Corporation of Polymer technology | A.P.E. Research | Peroxy Chem | Lyondell Basell | Directa Plus | Linari Biomedical | Biopolymers | Mindseeds Laboratories | Organic Spintronics | Plasma Diagnostics and Technologies | SCRIBA | Dimple-t Bulk Solids Cooler | Inan Plastics Makinalari San | Silicon Biosystems | First Water Limited | Xenia Materials | Dinworks OY | PLIN | Deerac Fluidics | Polymer Diamond Products | Sireg Geotech S.r.l | Particular Sciences | Beaulieu Technica Textiles | Proviron | Sampas | KPlus | Kunststof techniek | ACO Group | ABB Groups | Trelleborg Forsheda Pipe Seals | Smithers Rapra | Buhler Group | Novo Polymers NV | Greater Zuricharea | NBM | Optical Additives | PSI  | Solectron | Agfa | CMI Group | Waters Smart Innovations | Tec Concept | Silex micro Systems | PFSW | BASF | Ekotakas | UAB | Trendelkamp Technologie GmbH | ECO Engineering Ukraine LLC 

    Polymer Science Companies in Asia and Middle East:

    Amphenol | Helios Applied Systems |  Itochu Systech | Abacusnext Curtiss-Wright | Proactive Investors Alpha Casting | NOF CORPORATION | CNC Machining | Molecular Rubber Design | Interaction Point | Knights Security | United Plastic | Polymer Industries Ltd | Innovation Kaust | Shida Rubber | Digit Link | Tiny Machining | Precision Type | Bugatti | Aixam | PACIFIC COAST | FM Global | ISAT | Polymer Infrastructure | Comtech Advanced | Incubation Alliance | Image Sourcing ATIP | HSRE Work | ICAM | Egypt Polymer  center | Digital Guadian | Proteck Coating | Huper optic | ATKINS Group | Polymer materials technology | Polymer Center | V-kool | Polymer | Curiox Accelerating life Sciences | Fuji Xerox | Marubeni | Society of Petroleum Engineers | Alienvault | Showa Denko | Taisei Kogyo | Micron | SBEC | BMVIT | AIT | Polymer Enterprise | SSV | KSU | Green Prophet | F- Carbon | Lake Central | Gobiz Korea | Quantum | MR Sourcing | Polymer Technology | Polymer Solutions

    Polymer Science Universities in USA:
    Case Western Reserve University | Lehigh University | University of Massachusetts-Lowell | Stevens Institute of Technology | University of Massachusetts-Amherst | Auburn University | The University of Tennessee-Knoxville | University of Akron Main Campus | Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University | University of Southern Mississippi | Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Erie-Behrend College | University of Wisconsin-Stout Wayne State University | Central Oregon Community College

    Polymer Science Universities in Europe:
    University of Manchester | University of Bradford | University of Sussex | Freie Universität Berlin | University of Leeds | Loughborough University | Queen Mary University of London | Sheffield Hallam University | University of Warwick | University of Sheffield | Johannes Kepler University Linz | Tomas Bata University in Zlín | University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) | College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering 

    Polymer Science Universities in Asia: 

    Tokyo Institute of Technology | Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology | Harbin Institute of Technology | Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology | Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology | KTH Royal Institute of Technology  | Tsinghua University  |  Peking University  | University of Science and Technology of China  |   Zhejiang University  |  Shanghai Jiao Tong University  |  Tokyo Institute of Technology  |  Osaka University  |  Saga University  |  Shizuoka University  |  National Textile University  |   University Of Engineering & Technology, Lahore  |   National Textile University Faisalabad  |  Plastic Technology Center

    Polymers Societies and Associations

    American Chemical Society | Society of Chemical Industry (American Section) | Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates | Chemical Society of Peru | Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists | Chemical Society of Mexico | Brazilian Chemical Society | Chemical Institute of Canada | Society of Plastics Engineers (USA) | Society of the Plastics Industry (USA) | American Chemical Society (Division of Polymer Chemistry) | American Plastics Council | Polymer Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute | American Physical Society Division of Polymer Physics | Society of Plastics Engineers (USA) | Society of the Plastics Industry | Telford Polymer Association | National Nanotechnology Initiative | American National Standards Institute Nanotechnology 

    Royal Society of Chemistry | Society for Analytical Chemistry | Chemical Society | Royal Institute of Chemistry | Société chimique de France | Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft zu Berlin | Danish Chemical Society | Society of Chemical Industry | Italian Chemical Society | Belgian Polymer Group (BPG) | Brazilian Polymer Association | European Council for Plasticizers and Intermediates | European Polymer Federation | Swedish Chemical Society | Norwegian Chemical Society | Royal Netherlands Chemical Society | Hungarian Chemical Society

    Chemical Society of Japan | Royal Australian Chemical Institute | Indian Chemical Society | Korean Chemical Society | Chemical Society of Pakistan | Iranian Chemists Association | Pan Africa Chemistry Network | The society for Polymer Science | The society for Polymer Science | Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association | Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association | International Association of Nanotechnology | Royal Society of Chemistry | Society of Chemical Industry | Institute of Nano Science and Technology | Center For Nano Science and Engineering |   

    Journals in Polymer Science: 

    Polymer science | Journal of Applied Polymer Science | European Polymer Journal | Journal of Polymer Chemistry | Reactive & Functional Polymers Journal | Journal of Colloid and Polymer Science | Progress in Polymer Science Journal | Journal of Polymers for Advanced Technologies | Polymer Bulletin Journal | Journal of High Performance Polymers | Journal of Polymer Science | Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | Journal of Nano Research | Journal of Nanomedicine | Journal of Nanoparticle Research | Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology | International Journal of Nanomedicine | Journals on Advanced Materials | Journal on Nature Nanotechnology | Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology | Journal of Advanced Functional Materials | International Journal of Nanoscience | International Journal of Pharmaceutics | Journal of Biomaterials | Journal of Science and Technology of Advanced Materials | Journal of Material Chemistry | International Journal of Material Chemistry | Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques | Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta | Journal of Petroleum & Environmental Biotechnology | Journal of Biotechnology | Journal of Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science | Journal of Colloids and Surfaces B-biointerfaces | Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society Journal | Journal of Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences | Journal of Biomacromolecules | Journal of Advanced Polymer Fiber Materials Science and its Applications in Novel Engineered Products | Journal of International Polymer Science and Technology | Journal of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering | Journal of Acta Polymerica Sinica | Journal of Computational and Theoretical Polymer Science | Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology | Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition | Journal of Polymer Engineering and Science | Journal of Recent Patents on Nanotechnology | Journal of Nanotechnology, Science and Applications | Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology | International Journal of Green Nanotechnology | International Journal of Green Nanotechnology: Physics and Chemistry | Journal of Computational Materials Science | Journal of Biomaterials Science | Journal of Materials and Environmental Science | Journal of Polymer Composites | International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials | Journal of Polymer Degradation and Stability | European Polymer Journal | Journal of  Carbohydrate Polymers | Journal of Acta Materialia Institute of Nano Science and Technology | Chinese Journal of Polymer Science | Journal of  Plasma Processes and Polymers | Journal of Polymer Testing

    Why to Attend Polymer Science Conference ?

    1. Scope of Learning:

    When you attend Polymer Science conferences, you get an opportunity to broaden your thinking and knowledge by listening to new ideas and theories and recent trends in the field of Polymer Science and Chemistry. Not only this, but you can also know about new ways, new tools, unpublished data and researchers that you may not have known before. Polymer Science conferences also help attendees gather information from listening to the presentation of other speakers from all over the world.

    2. Presentation:
    One of the most objectives of attending a Polymer Science conferences is to present a paper to the experts and influencers which may assist you improve your research run through positive feedback and constructive criticism. Polymer Science conferences gives you a platform to exchange ideas related to Polymer Science and Chemistry, paving the way for potential future collaborations.

    3. Networking: 
    Polymer Science conferences offers you an exquisite opportunity to satisfy and interact with fellow researchers, attendees and experts from the same or similar areas across the earth . once you connect with scientists and academics, you'll share views, create new relationships, learn new things and enhance your existing knowledge.. These connections can assist you along side your work to progress your research in Polymer Science conferences.

    Meeting new people and understanding their culture illuminates your sort of thinking in your research. You can also socialize and spend some quality time with your colleagues and make some new friends during lunch and coffee breaks.
    To survive and achieve a tutorial atmosphere, an individual who is curious about research should attend Polymer Science conferences to remain updated with the most recent trends and scientific updates in the field Polymer Science. From learning new things to getting your work published, these Polymer Science conferences are the best way to fast-track your research.

    4. Find out what’s new: 
    It is vital to seek out out what’s new in your field of study to survive in a tutorial discipline. Polymer Science conferences will keep you updated on new findings that have taken place. This is in fact one of the major reasons why one should attend Polymer Science conferences

    5. Added Research Value: 
    For students and researchers, Polymer Science conferences help to make research on a Polymers easier. Polymer Science conferences provide access to various research activities related to Polymer Chemistry with current findings and developments anticipated from them.


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